Address Field

The Address Field module for DrupalGap

Drupal Core: 

  • 7.x


The Address Field module for DrupalGap.


For usage, install the following module on your Drupal site, and follow it's README.txt on its project homepage:


Enable the module in DrupalGap by adding it to the settings.js file:

Drupal.modules.contrib['addressfield'] = {
  minified: true

Form Element

This module automatically supports address field widgets on entities and bundles. But if you'd like to place a generic address field form element on a custom form, that is also possible like so:

form.elements['my-addressfield'] = {
  type: 'addressfield_form_element',
  title: t('Name and Location'),
  default_country: 'US',
  required: true,
  value_callback: 'addressfield_field_value_callback'

Custom Components on Form Elements

Specify which additional components show up on the form element by supplying components machine names:

form.elements['my-addressfield'] = {
  /* ... */
  components: {
    name_line: true, // OR
    // first_name: true, // AND
    // last_name: true,
    thoroughfare: true,
    premise: true
  /* ... */

Injecting existing values into form element

It's a little tricky to get existing address field entity values into one of these elements. To do it, post process an address field service call when viewing your form, then use the injection helper function like so:

 * Implements hook_services_postprocess()
function my_module_services_postprocess(options, result) {
  if (options.service == 'services_addressfield' &&
      options.resource == 'get_address_format_and_administrative_areas') {
    switch (drupalgap_router_path_get()) {
      case 'my-link-router-pathy':
            Drupal.user.field_address.und ? Drupal.user.field_address.und[0] : null


 * Implements hook_addressfield_local_storage_resolve().
function my_module_addressfield_local_storage_resolve(result, options) {
  // Do something after address field data was loaded from local storage
  // and passed to the callers `success` callback.