The DrupalGap module for Foundation

Drupal Core: 

  • 8.x


The DrupalGap module for Foundation, built upon Foundation for Sites.



First, download Foundation 6 for Sites:


Then extract the css directory from the zip file into the app's www directory.

The file system will look something like this:

index.html       # DrupalGap's default index.html file
drupalgap.min.js # The DrupalGap Binary
jdrupal.min.js   # The jDrupal Binary
css/             # Foundation 6 CSS
...              # A bunch of other files...

Then include these two files in the <head> of your app's index.html file:

<!-- DrupalGap Modules -->
<script src="modules/contrib/foundation/foundation.js"></script>

<!-- Foundation CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/foundation.min.css" />