Mobile notifications

DrupalGap Notifications module

Drupal Core: 

  • 7.x

Mobile notifications

Provide support for PhoneGap PushPlugin.

Register mobile devices in your Drupal site and receive push notifications.

When a notification arrives, the device beeps and display the notifications view.


Copy mobile_notifications.js in "/app/modules/custom/mobile_notifications".

Active module in your settings.js file with this line:

Drupal.modules.custom['mobile_notifications'] = {};

Add this menu link in some menu in your settings.js file:











Copy in your module folder (app/modules/custom/mobile_notifications/) the PushNotification.js file. Is in the plugin folder in "plugins/com.phonegap.plugins.PushPlugin/Example/www/"


Change config value in mobile_notifications.js:

`var registration_url = '';

var get_token_url = "";

var sender_id = "your google sender_id";`

DrupalGap Mobile Notifications module

This Drupal module provide a "Mobile Notifications" node type and a view called "Mobile Notifications". When you add a new Mobile Notification post, the module send a push notification to registered devices. You can choose the roles that receive this notification. You can, also, send a link to a site node.

You can download this module in Drupal